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Anker USB-C to Lightning cables coming March

Anker USB-C to Lightning cables

Anker USB-C to Lightning cables


They’ve been a long time coming, but the wait is almost over. Premium accessories brand Anker is the first to announce third-party USB-C to Lightning cables for the iPhone and iPad. The company is expanding its toughened Powerline and Powerline+ cables to cater for those running newer iPhones and iPads that can benefit from high-speed USB-C charging. 

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So far, if you’ve wanted a USB-C to Lightning cable, Apple was your only choice. Yes, eBay is awash with fake cables that claim to support high-speed charging, but of the dozens I tested, none did. So it’s good that finally a reputable brand is finally stepping in.

The Powerline+ USB-C to Lightning cable features connectors that are encased in an aluminum shell, and make use of Anker’s reinforced braided nylon outer cable, making it the toughest cable for the home or on the go. 

The cable is also offered in the standard Powerline format, where the cable is covered with aramid fiber for extra strength, which Anker claims gives it a bend lifespan of over five times greater than any other cable in the market.

These cables will come in 3ft and 6ft lengths, an will be available from March 2019. Prices will start at $20.99.

But this isn’t all Anker has in the works. They also have the first USB-C to Lightning audio adapter in the pipeline for those who shun Bluetooth headphones. The USB-C to Lightning audio adapter allows iPhone users to conveniently use Apple Lightning headphones on Macs with USB-C ports, along with the latest iPad Pro.

This is slated for April 2019, and as yet no pricing has been announced.

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