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After Math: To all the games we loved before


‘Sea of Thieves’ anniversary update will let you catch and cook fish

Man, can you land lubbers believe it’s already been a whole year since Rare took to the high seas? To celebrate, the studio announced this week that it will release an anniversary update at the end of April with an armada of fun new features.


Epic Games has 250 million ‘Fortnite’ players and a lot of plans

Despite increasingly strident competition from Apex Legends, Fortnite remains the pinnacle of battle royale gaming. But just because Fortnite is currently king of the hill with a quarter billion registered players, that doesn’t mean Epic has any intention of slowing down. The studio announced this week the upcoming launch of a new game store and hyper-realistic physics engine that will make future games even more destructive.


BioWare promises to fix ‘Anthem’ after dismal launch

The first few weeks following Anthem’s launch have not been easy for BioWare, with countless bugs and glitches crashing (and occasionally bricking) consoles. The company has already pushed more than 200 fixes through various patches and, according to a blog post from general manager Casey Hudson, the company isn’t done tinkering with the gameplay.


The FDA thinks an Xbox game can stop kids smoking

[Narrator]: The FDA was wrong.


Atari VCS gets a spec boost and another delay

Everybody’s favorite vaporware is back in the news this week. The Atari VCS retrobox is reportedly receiving a beefier CPU and improved graphics. Unfortunately, those improvements also mean that we’re not likely to see if before the end of the year, if at all.


‘Apex Legends’ has banned 500,000 accounts for cheating

Seriously, can someone explain to me the draw of cheating in online games? Like, where’s the pride in seeing your handle on the leaderboards knowing that you didn’t actually land there with your skills? Either way, half a million folks won’t be pulling stunts like that on Apex Legends anymore.

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