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Activision's Deadpool Getting Delisted, Again

Activision’s Deadpool game has had an odd history that just sort of keeps getting dumber.

The game originally released in June 2013 to less than stellar reviews. Due to licensing issues, the game was subsequently delisted from digital distribution services in January 2014, six months after release. Following the success of the Deadpool movie, Activision relicensed the existing title and remastered it for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, relisting on digital services on November 2015.

Now, two years later, the game is getting delisted again. On November 16, the game will disappear from services for what one assumes is the final time. This two year stretch since the last relisting has been the longest stretch of time the game has been available.

If you are eager to own Deadpool digitally, and I have no idea why you would be, you have until this Thursday to do so and the rest of your life to regret that decision.


Our Take
I am very interested to see if it gets relisted again – not because I want it, but because the idea that Activision just re-releases the same Deadpool game every time Deadpool is relevant is hilarious to me.

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