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21 of Rick and Morty VR's Best Easter Eggs

This page contains all of the hidden secrets, easter eggs, and references to the rest of the Rick and Morty franchise found in Virtual Rick-ality.

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If players complete the 10 crafting challenges after finishing the main story tasks, they’ll be rewarded with this photo of Rick and the robot from Job Simulator, developer Owlchemy Labs’ previous project.

When in the bathroom, if you attempt to use the door, you’ll get a knock from Jerry, who will proceed to attempt to talk to Clone Morty. After his lengthy monologue, you can assist him by sliding the hemorrhoid cream from under the sink through the crack beneath the door. This will unlock the achievement “Love Hurts”.

After this interaction has occurred, you can hear Jerry again if you attempt to use the door leading out of the garage.

The doorknobs that come off in your hands while in the garage and bathroom are manufactured by Real Fake Doors, a bizarre company with a taste for meta advertisements featured in the episode “Rixty Minutes”.

As Rick and Morty mention after you complete the game – and as you may have found for yourselves – there are thirteen cassette tapes to be found around the game.

Some hint at future Rick and Morty games, such as a business simulator based on an Ice Cream company the two hope to open, while others offer more info on the other characters in the world – like a tape from Beth titled, “To My Future Lawyer”.

After finding at least one of the hidden cassette tapes in the game, you can use the combination machine to combine it to another item and create another tape. If you then add this tape to the original tape (or any other tape), you’ll receive the “Tape-Tape-Tape” cassette. It contains a message for you from the developers.

If you then combine the Tape-Tape-Tape cassette with another copy of Tape-Tape-Tape, you’ll receive another generic-looking alien tape. The “item” in this one, however, is either an intentional easter egg or a mistake made by a developer named Daniel, as the [ Insert-Object-Name-Here ] field now says “DANIEL REMEMBER TO INSERT ITEM NAME”. You also unlock the achievement “You Went There.”

After completing the main story tasks, players will find a Tiny Rick statuette next to the interdimensional DVD player in the main menu area.

On Rick’s workbench in the garage, a plumbus sits beneath the corkboard / computer terminal. If the player interacts with it, Rick will call to scold them for not using it right.

Under the left-hand side of the TV cabinet in the main menu, you can find a drop-off form from Jerryboree, the daycare center built especially for Jerrys from the episode Mortynight Run.

In the bathroom, the baby powder on the sink is Baby Legs brand, based on the hit show Baby Legs Detective from the episode Rixty Minutes.

On the wall in the bathroom hang portraits of long-time family friend Mr. Poopy-Butthole and Snuffles, the family-dog-turned-sentient-overlord-of-humanity-turned-benevolent-leader-of-the-dog-dimenion.

The device used to recharge batteries during the story tasks is a scaled-down version of Rick’s ethically-dubious Microverse creation unit – within each battery is a miniature planet, complete with sentient lifeforms, whose sole purpose is to power your flashlight, or satellite or whatever.

There are several references to the franchise found in the books scattered around the play areas.


In the bathroom on top of the toilet, players can find a comic book about Eyehole Man and a magazine featuring articles about the apparent sequel to the upcoming Ball Fondlers movie sequel.

EditRick and Morty Comics

On the shelf under the TV in the main menu you can find the three volumes of Rick and Morty comics.

On the opposite shelf you can find some of Beth’s reading material, including a magazine about horses and a catalogue of prosthetic alien penises, originally seen in the episode Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate.

Beneath Rick’s workbench in the garage is the hatch leading down to his subterranean lab / prison, where Blim Blam the (baby-eating, murderous) Korblock was held in episode Auto-Erotic Assimilation.

After completing the main story, if players return to the main menu then pick up the new Tiny Rick statue next to the DVD player and throw it into the kitchen behind them, they’ll be yelled at by Rick. This interaction reveals that the clone at the TV in the living room is actually a Jerry Clone, watching DVDs of a Morty clone from another dimension. This is a clever way for the producers of both the show and the game to nullify Morty’s “canon” decision to become a vegan after Rick kills the small alien.

Rick and Morty’s world is one that subscribes to the infinite multiverse theory, and the protagonists of the series are from the universe designated C-137. At the end of the game’s story, two ricks from other dimensions appear, and are eventually killed.

In the video above, we hear Rick saying that he’s going to “hop over to another dimension and have some other Rick’s clone figure this out.” This would seem to indicate that this Rick is one of the two that died – but the Jerryboree form found near the DVD player clearly states that this Clone Jerry is from dimension C-137. Has “TV Rick” been killed off?!

(Probably not. We doubt it. It’s possible.)

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