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1969 BMW 2000 CA was a Transition Between the 2002 and the E9

On this week’s episode of Petrolicious, the spotlight is shined on one of BMW’s lesser-known vintage coupes, the rare and somewhat obscure 1969 BMW 2000 CA.

Positioned as the big-brother to the BMW 2002, the 2000 was a Bavarian two-door that was related to the immortal BMW E9, and offered more space and long-distance cruising comfort than the smaller and buzzier 2002. If the shape seems familiar, you’re not wrong; the car served as the predecessor to the beloved BMW E9 coupes.

Emin Kureghian didn’t initially set his sights on the 2000 CA. He purchased this BMW by accident at a charity auction after unintentionally ending up the highest bid of the night. Since then, he’s greatly enjoyed the car.

1969 BMW 2000 CA Petrolicious

The car now serves as a faithful cruiser. If Kureghian does decide to eventually restore the car, it won’t arrive in anything other than the color it wore from the factory.

“I’m not a color-change fan, at all,” he says. “If it was originally brown, it needs to be brown.”

Check out Kureghian’s 1969 BMW 2000 CA in the newest episode of Petrolicious below.