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18 Tips for RollerCoaster Tycoon Classics

IGN has the RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Before starting, press pause.

  • Prioritize your research and development.
  • Take a look at your finances and make any necessary changes.
  • Build rides such as the Twist, Pirate Ship, and Carousel to boost park reputation.
  • Make sure to add bathrooms, food shops and stalls, benches, garbage cans, and lights.
  • Don’t forget to hire staff such as handymen, mechanics, and security guards.

As your park grows and more guests flood in, you’ll have to start micromanaging your staff. This will ensure your park stays clean and safe in a timely fashion.

You can do this in two ways:

  • Assign each member of your staff to specific areas in your park by clicking on them and using the light blue footprints to mark their territory.
  • Designate certain responsibilities to each of your staff members by clicking on them and selecting the tab with the hand pointing to the left.This will reveal a list of their responsibilities that you can check and uncheck.

An example of a situation where you might use this is if you want to designate specific mechanics for solely inspecting or fixing rides.


Taking a peek into what your guests are saying and thinking can help increase your park’s rating.

  • If guests think a ride is of good value, increase the price of that ride.
  • Contrarily, if customers complain a ride is too expensive, consider lowering the price.
  • If you find that guests are struggling to find the exit to your park, place Information Kiosks throughout so guests can purchase park maps.
  • If guests start complaining about how filthy your park is, well… it’s time to get some handymen to work!


As you start progressing through the more difficult parks, you’ll need to use marketing tactics to reach your objectives and draw more guests into your park.

  • Click on the 2 golden coins next your cash total in the upper left-hand corner. This will pull up your financial summary. Navigate to the 5th tab and here you’ll find marketing campaigns that you can run.
  • Try using voucher and advertising campaigns on your most popular rides, foods, and drinks to bring more guests into your park.
  • In the same area under the 6th tab, you will find Research Funding. You can increase the rate of research to unlock new rides, shops, and stalls faster.
  • Check off the categories that you wish to unlock first. Uncheck those that you feel aren’t a high priority.

Some tips on saving money in RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic.

  • Try to build rides on flat, clear surfaces. Building on uneven terrain and water raises the building cost.
  • Uncheck “Include Scenery” whenever possible when building rides.
  • Repair rides by deleting a part of the track and rebuilding it. This saves on repair costs.
  • Keeping your park clean and tidy has its benefits. Clean parks experience no vandalism which means you won’t need to hire security.

Use some business sav to get the most out of each guest.

  • Charge more at shops & stalls located at the back of the park. Guests that are hungry, thirsty, and tired are likely to pay more.
  • Use monorails for fast traveling and charge good money for it. Place the ride entrance near the beginning of the park and an exit near the end. Tired guests will dish out the money because they don’t feel like walking.
  • Place drink stalls near nausea-inducing rides. Drinks reduce nausea so guests will be more likely to buy a drink after a topsy turvy ride.
  • Temporarily increase the cost of a ride while guests are entering it to earn a few extra dollars. Raise the cost of umbrellas when it starts to rain.

A high park score means more guests so here’s a few ways to keep it up.

  • Assign Handymen to areas where there are lots of shops & stalls as well as nausea inducing rides. These areas are breeding grounds for trash and puke which will lower you park score if not properly maintained.
  • Assign Entertainers near the front of the park and around rides with long queues. This will help guests tolerate a long queue and leave the park on a positive note since these staff members boost and keep up guest happiness.
  • Keep pathways simple. If there are pathways that lead to a dead end or pathways you aren’t currently using, disconnect them from the main path to keep guests from getting lost.
  • Build rides with safety in mind. If a ride’s reliability gets too low, demolish the ride and rebuild it. Or in the case of a roller coaster, you might want to replace the brakes periodically to keep the ride from severely malfunctioning.
  • Avoid earning awards such as Worst Value, Most Disappointing, or Worst Food will decrease your rating and number of guests that come to your park.
  • Contrarily, awards such as Best Value, Tidiest, and Safest will boost your rating and bring in more guests for a short amount of time.

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