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17 Tips for Success in the Destiny 2 Beta

This page contains hints, tips and strategies for success and survival in the Destiny 2 beta.

Classic guns such as the Auto Rifle, Scout Rifle, and Pulse Rifle are making a return in the Destiny 2 Beta but players will also get their hands on a new archetype of gun: the SMG. Each archetype of gun has a very specific use and utility so choosing your main two primaries are essential both in PVE and PVP.

For PVE it is handy to make sure your elemental gun and your power gun are different elements from each other (Arc, Solar, Void). High-level bosses will usually have a elemental shield so having a gun on the ready to match that shield element will allow you to take that enemy down that much faster.

For PVP, elemental guns are extremely important as they do extra damage to players in their super. The elemental damage on the gun does not have to match the element of the super so don’t forget to whip that elemental gun out when that Sentinel Titan is charging right at you.

For both PVE and PVP, your weapon loadout should generally consist of a long range gun (Pulse Rifle, Scout Rifle) and either a mid-range gun (Auto Rifle, Hand Cannon) or short range gun (SMG, Sidearm). This will allow you to be covered on all ranges of fights. Don’t forget to always try and find ammo for your Power Weapon as these weapons will generally one shot kill your enemies.

Both the Sentinel Titan and Striker Titan are great choices for PVE and PVP. Here are some tips that could help your beta gameplay.

  • The Titan’s Rally Barricade class ability allows you to hide behind a barricade and peek over to shoot at your foes. Your weapon will instantly reload when you duck behind the barricade!
  • Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Holding L1+R1 while having super energy will allow the Sentinel Titan to put up a Ward of Dawn. This will come in handy if you are taking heavy damage and need some cover immediately.
  • While in your Sentinel Shield super, you can throw your shield at enemies with L1. Instead of trying to cover the distance by lunging at your opponent, throw your shield at them!
  • The Titan Exotic weapon “Sweet Business” becomes more deadly the longer it is fired. Try pre-firing at a wall and then peaking out at your enemies to deal immediate ‘sweet’ damage!

The Dawnblade and Voidwalker Warlocks pack some serious punches in the beta. Here are some ways you can maximize those punches.

  • The Voidwalker Nova Bomb will slowly seek out opponents for you and then split into smaller projectiles upon detonation. If you are being chased by a Nova Bomb or want it to detonate it earlier, you can shoot at the Nova Bomb for an early detonation.
  • Players can actually drain super energy in order to make their Voidwalker grenades deadlier and larger. This is a new mechanic in the Destiny universe and can be done so by holding L1.
  • The Dawnblade Warlock can juke and dodge enemies in mid-air by tapping O or B twice and then pointing in the direction you want to go. This is a new movement ability that previously only Titans had access to.
  • Warlocks have a class ability that allows them to deploy a healing rift or damage buff rift. If there is more than one Warlock on a team, a strategic deployment of a healing rift and damage rift can be one of the most effective strategies right now in the beta!

The Arcstrider and Gunslinger are back to their rogue ways in Destiny 2. Here are some neat tips you might have missed. 

  • All hunters have a dodge or tumble class ability. The dodge will automatically reload your weapons and the tumble can avoid damage while giving you melee energy back. Dodging instead of reloading in a firefight can save you some time and get you back in the fight. Tumbling will confuse PVE enemies and give you time to get into cover if needed.
  • Dodging actually makes the Arcstrider more lethal. A melee attack after dodging will give you a increased range attack and dodging in your Arcstrider super will make the next Arc Staff hit more lethal. Remember to try and melee or swing right after dodging!
  • Golden Gun in the beta will have 6 total shots! Although this might seem insane, the timer for the super goes by really quick to compensate for the extra shots. Make sure to pop your super when you know multiple enemies are near. Activating your super and then looking around for enemies will lead to a sad and lonely Gunslinger.

Whether it be in the flag-capturing playlist of Control or the Defend and Attack playlist of Countdown, here are some tips to improve in Crucible.

Always travel with at least one teammate. The increased time to kill in the Crucible makes it nearly impossible to win a two versus one combat situation. Travel with the pack and help each other team shoot and it’ll be tough for anyone to outgun you.

  • The timer to revive teammates will actually reset if a player takes damage during the revive process. If you are going to try and revive a teammate, make sure you are in a safe location to prevent being caught in the open.
  • Players no longer have to capture A or C at the beginning of a Control match. It will automatically be captured for you so coordinate with your team and get that B Flag guardian!

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